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Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is a technique where insulation material is applied to the inside or outside of the roof with the primary aim of reducing heat loss and improving living comfort. There are various methods and materials available for roof insulation.

Why Roof Insulation?

The main purpose of roof insulation is to prevent heat loss and create a more comfortable living environment. Installing roof insulation helps to prevent heat from escaping through the roof, thereby maintaining a stable temperature inside the house. This not only results in a more pleasant living environment but also leads to energy savings as there is less need for heating.

Roof Insulation Subsidies; Plus Isolatie assists its customers with subsidy applications

You can receive a subsidy for installing roof insulation. If you opt for only one insulation measure, in this case roof insulation, you can expect a subsidy amount of €15 per square meter. This subsidy amount can also be doubled per square meter. One condition for this doubling is that, in addition to roof insulation, another insulation measure is applied, such as cavity wall insulation, attic floor insulation, or floor insulation. The subsidy amount for roof insulation is determined to be €30 per square meter after doubling. If you install 50 square meters of roof insulation, you can expect a subsidy of €30 x 50 m2 = €1500 after doubling. Plus Isolatie assists its customers with applying for this ISDE subsidy. Would you like a free consultation? Then fill in the contact form on our website.

Materials for Roof Insulation

Various materials are suitable for roof insulation, depending on factors such as budget, desired insulation value, and roof construction. Plus Isolatie uses the following roof insulation materials:

Roof insulation using Knauf Timberframe glass wool: This insulation material can be blown between your beams as small fibers after a vapor-retardant foil has been stretched on the inside of the roof. Once the insulation material is blown in, the roof can be finished with, for example, plasterboard.

Roof insulation using PIF insulating foil: This insulating foil is suitable for roof insulation from the inside. PIF insulating foil is a flexible insulation material with a high Rd-value. The insulation technicians place the foil precisely against the roof sheathing, making it easy for the customer to apply the finishing, such as installing plasterboard.

Roof insulation using Icynene PUR foam: This insulation material is applied with a spray gun. The application takes place on the inside of the roof. The PUR foam hardens within seconds after it has been applied with a spray gun. Since the foam is initially liquid, it easily penetrates into all cavities, joints, and crevices.

Which material is most suitable for your roof depends on various factors, including roof construction, insulation value, and available space. Request a free and non-binding consultation via the contact form on our website to discuss the possibilities for your roof on location.

Insulation Value of Roof Insulation

The insulation value of roof insulation is expressed in an Rd-value. The higher the Rd-value, the better the roof insulation. Each insulation material has its own Rd-value. The roof insulation applied by Plus Isolatie always has a minimum Rd-value of 3.5. You are eligible for the national ISDE insulation subsidy from an Rd-value of 3.5 or more. Read more about this national ISDE insulation subsidy 2024 here.

Costs of Roof Insulation

The costs for roof insulation vary depending on factors such as roof area, choice of material, and installation costs. On average, the costs range from €35 to €55 per square meter, but this can vary depending on the specific situation. Would you like a free and tailor-made roof insulation quote? Then call our office number: 0548 - 54 76 16. Or would you like to be called back? Then leave your contact details via the form below:

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Payback Period of Roof Insulation

The average payback period of roof insulation is between 4 and 6 years, depending on factors such as energy prices and the choice of insulation material. Roof insulation is an investment that pays for itself through energy savings in the long term. In addition, your home will receive a higher energy label, which is beneficial for its value appreciation.

More Information about Roof Insulation

Would you like to know more about roof insulation or roof insulation materials? Feel free to contact us. One of our insulation advisors will come to your location for a roof insulation consultation. If roof insulation is possible for your home, you will receive a free and non-binding quote from us.