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  •  Airtight floor insulation material
  •  Fast payback period after investment
  •  Better living comfort
  •  Environmentally friendly
  •  More favorable energy label

What is floor insulation? 

Floor insulation involves applying insulation material to the underside of a floor with the aim of reducing heat loss. There are various techniques and materials available for installing floor insulation.

Why floor insulation?

The primary goal of floor insulation is to prevent heat loss and enhance living comfort. By installing floor insulation, the upward cold from the crawl space can no longer penetrate into the living room through the floor. Floor insulation provides greater comfort, reducing the need to increase the thermostat setting, resulting in energy savings.

Plus Isolatie supports its customers with the floor insulation subsidy application 

You can receive a subsidy for having floor insulation installed. If you only take one insulation measure; in this case, floor insulation; you can expect a subsidy amount of 5.50 euros per square meter. You can also double this subsidy amount per square meter. One condition for this doubling is that you apply another insulation measure alongside this floor insulation. This could be cavity wall insulation, attic floor insulation, or roof insulation, for example. The subsidy amount depends on the square meters to be insulated. The subsidy amount for floor insulation is set at 11 euros per square meter after doubling. If you have 50 square meters of floor insulation installed, then after doubling, you can expect a subsidy of 11 euros x 50 m2 = 550 euros. Plus Isolatie assists its customers in applying for this ISDE subsidy. Would you like a free consultation? Then fill in the contact form on our website.

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Floor insulation for wooden or concrete floors 

Floor insulation for wooden or concrete floors works excellently (under normal circumstances). Insulating the floor under a wooden or concrete floor not only helps retain heat in your home but can also reduce noise pollution ("resonance effect") and improve living comfort.

Which floor insulation for concrete or wooden floors?

PIF insulation foil
Reflective foils can be placed under both wooden and concrete floors to reflect heat and reduce heat loss. In some cases, especially in damp crawl spaces, this PIF foil is combined with a groundsheet.

Icynene PUR foam
This is open-cell PUR foam that can be sprayed from the crawl space onto the underside of the concrete floor. It forms a seamless insulation layer and has good insulating properties. This type of insulation can be installed relatively quickly, making it economically more attractive. This insulation material is suitable for both wooden and concrete floors.

This foam is characterized by a closed-cell structure. This structure allows for very high insulation values to be achieved. The RWF/HFO is sprayed in layers onto the underside of the floor without the use of CFCs. The RWF/HFO insulation spray can be applied to both wooden and concrete floors. The RWF/HFO has high dimensional stability, making the sprayed work look neat. The RWF/HFO can be applied in various layer thicknesses. The rule is: the thicker the insulation layer, the higher the Rd value.

The best insulation material for your wooden or concrete floor depends on various factors, such as your budget, desired insulation value, available space in the crawl space, condition of the pipework, and the humidity of the crawl space.

Before actually insulating the floor, it is important to consult an insulation advisor. The insulation advisor will determine the right insulation materials that best suit your situation. The advisors at Plus Isolatie are happy to provide free and non-binding advice at your location.

What insulation value should floor insulation have?

The insulation value is indicated by an Rd value. The higher the Rd value, the better the floor is insulated. Plus Isolatie offers its customers an Rd value of at least 3.5 in all floor insulation quotations. We choose this because not only is it an excellent insulation value, but our customers also qualify for insulation subsidies from the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency).

Does your house have underfloor heating or are you planning to install it in the future?

Then we recommend an Rd value of at least 4, which translates to a slightly thicker insulation layer than average. This thicker insulation layer now effectively prevents the heat from the underfloor heating from escaping into the crawl space quickly. In addition, due to the insulation resistance, the underfloor heating reaches and maintains the desired temperature more quickly and for a longer period.

What does floor insulation cost? 

The cost of floor insulation depends on various factors. The main factors are: floor area, choice of material, thickness of the material layer, and accessibility of the crawl space. On average, you can expect the cost of floor insulation to be between 32 and 45 euros per square meter.

Average payback period for floor insulation:
On average, you will have recouped your investment in floor insulation within 8 to 10 years. The payback period for floor insulation is significantly longer compared to cavity wall insulation, which is typically 4 to 5 years. Therefore, we say that floor insulation should be seen more as a comfort product. After installing floor insulation, you will immediately notice that the floor feels warmer.

My house has no crawl space; can Plus Isolatie still insulate my floor?

No, we always apply floor insulation from the crawl space. This crawl space must be accessible via a hatch/passageway. The height in the crawl space must always be at least 45 to 50 centimeters. This space is necessary to attach the insulation properly and safely.

Free advice on floor insulation

Curious about which floor insulation is most suitable for your floor? Then you can request a free and non-binding consultation via this link. Our insulation advisor will visit you to calculate the square meters and provide information on the various insulation materials we use for floor insulation. You can also request the free consultation by phone at: 0548 - 547616.